The Shooter Group (TSG)

The Shooter Group, a corporation founded in 2011, invites the vast experience of professionals and the passion of amateurs to build a rich community of photographers who are excited about their work and are seeking to share knowledge, build networks, and gain friendships.  Our mission is to help amateur and Pro-Am (professional amateurs) get published by providing quality events that enable them to practice, have fun, and eventually get published. We host various events on a monthly basis including private workshops, group shoots, and photo shoots.  Our workshops are in-depth and intensive in nature, and we teach amateurs everything they need to know to advance their skill level.  Along with our workshops we host group shoots and photo shoots that allow amateurs to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and challenge themselves by working alongside professionals in diverse locations with beautiful models.


Wang Sek

Wang Sek focuses on fashion, landscape, and street photography. Favoring natural color, many of his images achieve a surreal perspective in natural way. When on location he enjoys a shallow depth of field and natural light. Wang shoots a candid style, subtly expressing the charisma and spirit we consciously and unconsciously present to the world around us.

Wang’s work has been featured in numerous magazines such as Metro Magazine, Southern Dixon, Maxim, and more.  Since early 2011, Wang has been hosting workshops in advanced photography topics such as Advanced Studio Lighting, Working with Models, Light it, Shoot it, Post it, and The Secret Art of Boudoir photography, just to name a few. He also is a firm believer in “practice, practice, practice” in order to take your photography to the next level.  Thus, on a monthly basis, he and his Dream Team host photo shoots for amateurs, involving help and expertise from experienced photographers and models.

Steve Ragland

A native New Yorker, Steve Raglan has refined the art of romancing the soul of his subjects through his lens. After attending New York’s School of Visual Arts, Steve became a much sought-after fashion and beauty photographer in cities such as Paris, London, Toronto and Taipei. Working as a true fashion photographer all over the globe has allowed Steve to bring a cosmopolitan look to images for a diverse group of clients. Now working in Detroit, Steve continues to photograph for local and national clients. The beauty of Steve’s work, which he helps other photographers perfect, is how to bring a luxurious look and feel to images using tools readily available in any local store. With commercial, editorial, and portrait clients facing ever-tightening budgets, Steve’s skills are highly desired. Steve is a high-energy artists and his students always have fun while learning skills which will position them to produce refined images in less time with less money spent on equipment, set design and post production.

Steve’s work has been seen in publications such as Vogue, Essence, Fitness Magazine, Playboy, Eating Well, Yoga Monthly, The Knot, Jet, Ambassador, Hour Detroit and Life Style Japan. Steve also has an impressive list of commercial clients including Sony Music, Miller Brewing, Radio Shack, Kmart, Sears, Zima, Martini & Rossi, and Purely Pro Cosmetics.

Joel Bonifacio

Joel is an award winning producer and videographer. He produced several Internet shows and short films and won Best Unscripted Series at the Los Angeles Web Festival in 2011. He is also a published photographer for DSport and FKN Famous Magazines.  His video work can be seen in Formula Drift, Maxim and FHM.  He is also partnered with several glamour photography organizations and serves as the Executive Producer of

You can contact him by email:

Charles Parks

A graduate of the Universidad de Mexico in Chemical Engineering, Mexico City, Charles began his career as a systems design engineer and analyst in both the medical and aerospace industries.  His passion for photography began in 1975 while he was living in beautiful San Diego.  After building his skills as a photographer, Charles eventually went on to co-own a graphics art and fine art company established 1995 in Newport Beach, CA.  He also worked as a full time photographer for the fashion industry as well as designers from 1999 to 2005 in the fashion district of Los Angeles. As an artist, Charles has additionally achieved success as a painter, painting within the genres of fantasy, portraiture, and ocean-scapes. Due to outstanding referrals, Charles’ passion has begun to evolve into full time photography, specializing in macro, glamour, and boudoir styles. With extensive experience in fashion and swimsuit shooting, Charles’ photographic goal is to reflect the outer an inner beauty of each of his subjects.

Mark Day

Mark is a professional student of life and a leisurely student of photography. He enjoys seeing life unfold through the viewfinder of a camera (preferably a Canon). While most people would rather be enjoying life by experiencing it firsthand, he feels life viewed through the filter of a pentaprism adds a certain spice to be enjoyed by those with an acquired taste.  In his free time, Mark enjoys playing sports (of the Wii and Kinect nature, not the actual physical stuff), contemplating the lives of his possible great-great-great grandchildren and inventing methods to avoid being consumed by a great white shark. He dreams of seeing the world from the top of Mt. Everest but has nightmares about being 100 feet underneath the water.  He is not a fan of botox, being eaten by sharks, or slow moving checkout lines.

Paul Figueroa

With a two-year degree in Business Administration from El Camino College in Torrance, CA, Paul is currently enrolled as a student at the Photography Institute.  Having always been inspired by great shots, he bought his first DSLR a few years ago and did his best to learn what he could on his own.  It was through his own experimentation that his interest sparked.  Paul specialized in landscape and glamour.

Anthony ‘Tony’ Raymundo

While Tony’s background is in computer science and he does a lot of technical design and programming for his “day job”, he has loved photography ever since he picked up his brother’s old Canon 35mm film camera back in the ‘80s.  He has been snapping pictures most of his life; not professionally, but just as a person with a strong desire to capture the beauty around him, creating tangible memories in the process.  Tony has always been a very visual person.  He loves that photography gives him a creative outlet and allows him to produce images that stimulate the sense and evoke emotion. He enjoys shooting all types of photography-landscape, architectural, action and sports, events, and more recently, fashion and glamour.

Keith Schaffer

A creative individual to the core, Keith has been drawing, painting, sculpting and shooting since childhood. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI, Keith moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to pursue his first artistic love: 3D modeling. He is currently employed as a game artist for the Institute of Creative Technologies. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Animation and Game Design from Ferris State University. With his background in 3D graphics and digital art he brings a unique perspective to photography and the understanding of lighting, composition and silhouette.

Tony Tan

Tony graduated from the Universit of Minnesorta with a BS in Applied Economics, but it was his love for photos that encouraged him to endeavor into the world of photography 10 years ago.  He’s been developing his skills and refining his technique since then, working with models in many different styles.

Ashley Canizales

Ashley lives to create a new world of art. As a visual architect and an aspiring photographer, Ashley aims to be the best and always strives to be better by envisioning what others fail to create and yearning for artistic innovation.   While maintaining her graphic skills set, photography remains her preferred form of expressionistic escape into the artistic realm.  Ashley always welcomes the challenge of learning new information and techniques that will further her photographic knowledge.

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